New Creations

Amethyst Hope Bracelet

This is the third of the bracelets made on the Cottonwood trip. Like the rhodochrosite bracelet, this one also uses the small hematite beads as spacers so that the “Hope” ribbon charms don’t look awkward. The amethyst beads are a little smaller than the rhodochrosite, so there are four in each segment on this bracelet. The purple of the amethyst in the bracelet could represent any of the meanings assigned to a purple awareness ribbon, a list of which can be found here.

Rhodochrosite Hope Bracelet

This bracelet is the second of the three I made on our trip to Cottonwood. The pink stones are round rhodochrosite beads. With the addition of the “Hope” ribbon charms, the bracelet would have looked a little awkward, so I added some tiny hematite beads as spacers. The pink color worked well for a piece of Breast Cancer awareness jewelry. I plan on making a necklace to match this bracelet and will post the picture of it when it’s complete.

Chrysoprase Frog Bracelet

Traveling through Texas, New Mexico and Arizona got me somewhat inspired. When we came to visit our friends in Cottonwood this weekend, I saw down at the table and started to make some bracelets with the beads I brought with me. Sue likes frogs and, since I had some frog charms with me from the last trip to the bead store, I made her a 5-strand bracelet using chrysoprase beads. Then I attached some frog charms to the strands and voila! I love how the beads look like strands of frog eggs like you would find in a pond. Sue’s husband, Erv, thinks the bracelet has a distinctly southwestern look.

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